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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 22, 2013 12:35am-1:05am PDT

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tonight on "nightline." great escape. business is booming. an exploding number of controversial restaurant chains that are winning wallets by bearing skin. is it family fare? the eagle has landed. talons that kill in the blink of an eye and the people who depend on these breathtaking predators. we travel to a place where nature's born killers are also man's best friend. and blaring music, nonstop dancing and all the mocktails you can charge. tonight, these teens on vacation are partying hard. find out why their parents couldn't be happier. >> keep it right here, america. "nightline" is back in just 60 seconds.
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from new york city, this is "nightline" with terry moran.
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twin peaks tag line is eats, drinks, scenic views. it's part of a recent boom of businesses attracting diners who are hungry for a meal and an ample supply of scantily clad women. tonight amidst a sea of struggling restauranteers, that kind of restaurant is stirring up a storm. >> reporter: it's on. >> welcome to twin peaks! >> hey, guys, welcome to hooters. >> reporter: the breast-raunts are officially at war. it's a post recession boom for these establishments. restaurants with added appeal. more than a $1 billion industry, expanding mainly because they're dishing out quite a bit more.
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and there's twin peaks, where they serve appetites and egos. the rustic-themed eatery is chipping away at the trademark owl franchise. >> we're looking for a well rounded female who can deliver a great experience for our guests. >> reporter: places like twin peaks, the tilted kilt canz and many others like them are trying to knock hooters off their throne. during the height of the recession, hooters brought in almost $1 billion a year. now with the competition catching on to the winning formu formula, hooters sales declined by nearly 3.5% last year. >> hooters should be very scared. their category can only grow so much. and tilted kilt, if you will, and the others are stealing hooters customers. >> it's probably grown a little bit steal. if the other restaurants are able to attract more people, whether it's a girl in a kilt or
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all the crazy things that are happening out there, i think people are intrigued. and they're going to start going in that direction. >> reporter: twin peaks which had just seven locations in 2008 now has 31 across the country. and they plan to open two more a month through the end of the year. >> many people in the recession were closing down their restaurants. >> yes. and we got their real estate. >> reporter: 22-year-old stephanie dukes travels the country, training twin peaks girls to have that natural charm. >> do you think they're coming in here to eat the food or stare at you? >> both. because all the food is made from scratch. so it's delicious. kwold beer, 29 degrees beer and hot girls. what else could you want? >> reporter: the company says its main attractions keep customers coming in. big, cold mugs of beer and ample portions. also competing, canz, a new york-based road house themed sports bar that did what many consider the impossible. successfully launch in the middle of the recession. and three restaurants later, the
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formula is working. sports, beer and, of course, lots of young ladies. >> i think being a breast-araunt goes hand in hand with being a great sports bar. >> reporter: tilted kilt wants a piece of that market, too. the arizona-based restaurant has nearly 80 locations nationwide and 12 more on the way. and the appeal for many is in the price. the average breast-araunt meal costs $12 and the average check is about $19 a person. hooters with over 400 restaurants dwarfs the competition, but it is clearly sagging. they've closed 35 locations in the last three years. former customers who used to give a hoot say the eye-popping staples that brought them in suddenly went flat. hooters is fighting back, now pumping up all their locations. new scleek decor, expanded healthier menus and with an
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additional target in mind -- women. a group the competition is also wooing. some even have kids menus. >> i think that here is more of a family restaurant. i serve a lot of families. i have a regular that's a 5-year-old little boy. we have a lot more fun. and we're more comfortable. >> reporter: hooters didn't want to talk on camera, but in a statement said the restaurant model that others have dubbed breast breast-araunts is too shallow to define hooters. whether it's kanz, tilts or peaks, without mouth-watering plates, the appetizing scenes don't matter. >> we have amazing food. we have a corporate chef that trains all the waiters very well.
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>> reporter: restaurant experts aren't biting. >> it's not about the wings. it's about the breasts. they can serve sludge. people are not going there, no matter how good the wings are. >> reporter: with this breast-araunt battle far from over, expect to see these chains puffing up their chest, elbowing to get to that top spot for a long time to come. i'm alex perez in chicago. >> jimmy: alex perez with the pun-loaded script. thanks for that. next, sky hunters. one community's bond with these soaring eagle warriors. it's unlike anything we've ever seen. [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have.
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>> commanding in size and fierce in nature, it's easy to marvel at the golden eagle. but the people in the rolling hills in the nation of kyrgyzst kyrgyzstan, their place is right at home where they're adopted as members of the family, molded into expert hunters and loyal friends. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: from the sky, the golden eagle is one of the most lethal hunters on the planet. on the ground in this rugged scorner of kyrgyzstan, it seemed like everyone we met from grown men to young boys had a raptor on his arm or his head. but these eagles aren't pets. they're partners. the men have been hunting with
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golden eagles in these hills for untold generations. but today, trying to find a real eagle hunter still able to use the bird as a weapon was harder than we thought. our journey began at dawn several days earlier. a young hunter is our guide. he's driving us into the foothills of the tienchen mountain range. this is golden eagle country. we're stuck. it doesn't help that our soviet-era jeep has seen fwetbe times. so we set off on foot. this is an air rid landscape. it's so dry, the last thing we expected to find -- oh, my god. we're standing in a cannabis field. wild. that's not why we came. so we pressed further. the first eagles aren't hunting. they're posing with paying customers. it seems golden eagles are doing
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more photo ops than hunting these days. the few time they tried to show us what their eagles can do, they don't do much. apologetic, he tells us we could try to find his idol, talgar, the hunter's hunter and tamara, his ultimate eagle. unfortunately he doesn't live close by and it takes us another full day to get there. in the end, we find him at home with his family. not a tourist in sight. this is his beloved tamara. the pair have been hunting together for nine years and their bond is obvious. when she's not hunting, she often wears a small leather cap to cover her eyes. but talgar keeps her sharp by hunting almost every day and
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we're in luck. they're headed out this morning. together with his young son, talgar hikes into the hills. far below them is a sacrificial rabbit. when talgar takes off tamara's leather cap, she knows the hunt is on. with the rabbit now in her talons, tamara waits patiently. trained to capture but not to kill until talgar is at her side. her skills will help feed his families all winter. but tamara was wild once, like his new eagle back home who is still tense around people. his fathers bristling, a sign that he doesn't trust talgar yet. in a split second, the eagle
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attacked. his talons drawing blood. so this eagle is not fully tamed yet and it will snap out at him. we didn't even see that happen, it was so fast. as it turns out, even a famous eagle hunter has a hovering mom. she cleans his cut with a shot of vodka. soon the eagle is eating out of talgar's hand. these animals are picky and surviving on fresh meat. letting talgar feed him is a break through. but talgar knows this eagle isn't ready to hunt with him. eagles support entire communities in their part of kyrgyzstan. how close is the relationship between you and the eagle? >> i love my bird more than my wife. >> reporter: you love your bird more than your wife? >> yeah. >> reporter: i won't tell your wife. despite the love, eagles here are transported by questionable means. eagle in the trunk. not exactly where i thought he
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would put it. everyone says the only way to get an idea of what that bond is like is to hold one. even though i know this eagle is trained, i'm nervous. but soon, we both relax. this is a strong animal. it feels like a very strong animal. and these talons through this thick leather glove, you can still feel them. an eagle's wingspan can be 7 1/2 feet. think of an nba player and add some. their talons are strong enough to kill a wolf. >> oh, that's as sharp as the edge of a knife. that is really sharp. in these rolling hills, the boys and eagles grow up together. they carry eagles and falcons on their shoulders as young as 6 or 7. have you ever been scared because they're so big? he said of course i'm not scared. i trained her all by myself. that little boy could be the next talgar. once tamara escaped. ta be lgar searched the skies
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but she was gone. days later, she flew back to him on her own. and she stayed ever since. it's all the proof we need that this pair is the real thing. for "nightline, gloria riviera, abc news, kyrgyzstan. >> thanks to gloria for that. next up, getting teenagers who enjoy the family vacation has never been an easy task until now. we go inside the atlantis nightclub where parents want their kids to party. motor trend asked people who aren't driving a ford to take the ecoboost challenge. ford escape, with ecoboost technology, took on honda and toyota. this is a lot of fun to drive. that's the ecoboost. i feel the power behind the escape. ooooh... 33 miles per gallon... that's crazy. that's more than my little car. i like the way the escape drives better than the rav4. i like it a lot better than the toyota. sorry, honda. step-up your game. check out escape, starting at under 23 thousand.
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so try to get into the hottest nightclub of your town. the line stretching around the block, evidence of a world where only the trendy survive, and you've got to be at least 21 to make it past the velvet ropes. that's not the case at club crush -- the glit zi bahamglitz nightclub created just for teenagers. >> reporter: watch kids just a few years older than my daughter bounce around the dance floor. boys gawking. in this subterranean club, children dress like this. photographed by paparazzi, doormen behind the velvet ropes. cocktails? surely i stumbled into daddy hell. this is called club crush, a 14,000 square foot space in
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atlantis. with entry restricted to 13 to 17. this is the newest ways luxury resorts are trying to attract teenagers and their free-spending parents. the girls i'm sharing cocktails with -- nonalcoholic, of course, are gigi and steph, devotees of club crush and my guides for the night. they've been preening for their entrance for hours. i escort them down the hall, protective, of course. then their entrance. >> hi! >> how you doing? >> good, how are you? >>. >> reporter: and the teens tell me this throbbing experience is even better than new jersey. >> yeah, new jersey, we live in a small town. so, like, with edon't have a club. if you want to meet someone, you go to applebees or the movie theatre or friday night football game. you don't really have clubs like this. >> reporter: certainly not clubs karting solely to the 13 to 17 age group. and ever more potent demographic
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than steph's father readily admits. who's the one actually macks the decision for you guys to come here. your kids or you? >> it's the kids. i'll be honest with you. but you know something, happiness is a big part of life. and when they're happy, we're happy. they have so much to do here. and we can have a vacation with our kids and away from your kids. and the same thing, they're having a vacation with their family, but also independently. >> let's take a look at 9 table. >> reporter: into that breach jumps amanda fell .s. >> you're trying to court these 13 to 17-year-olds. >> actually, it's a very tough demographic to go after in the marketplace. you know, when your kids are all kinds of option. when you're teens, you don't want to be programmed. you want to feel like an adult. but you're not quite there. >> reporter: the result? a $12 million mecca of glitz and gadgetry. the logic is if you can snare the 13 to 17-year-olds, their
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parents and even their little siblings have no choice but to follow. but parental approval is contingent upon this actually being something of a cia operation. >> young boys, young girls, dancing in a room. ever worried about chaperoning issues? >> we have coordinators and security officers. sometimes if they get to into it, we'll say break it up. >> no snogging on the dance floor? >> in fact, charge cards allow parents to snoop on their kids. inside, pretty tame. this cool computer console, a few video games? wii dancing, anyone? >> i'm too short. >> reporter: and for every texting teen, there is a waiting parent. >> are you going to go in there? >> i wish.
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. >> matt, wii dancing there. thanks for that. time now for tonight's "closing argument." today, as president obama continued his middle east visit, hez heckled while addressing israeli students in jerusalem. >> this is part of the lively debate that we talked about. this is good. >> reporters said they shouted jonathan pollard's name, guilty of sharing national secrets with israel. president obama joked the interruption made him feel right at home. but obama's whole trip raises a question. is the u.s.-israeli alliance stronger or weaker during his leadership? what do you think? weigh in or tweet us. thanks for watching abc news.
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next, overnight breaking news. check in with "good morning america." they're working while you're sleeping. we'll see you here tomorrow.


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